Stationery List 2017

St Josephs School Stationery List 2017
Junior Hub
Miss Gray, Mrs Burke/ Mrs Asi - Year 2

Books required:
2 x Project book (Topic, Religious Education)
1 x 1A4 (Home Learning)
3 x 1F4 (Story writing)
2 x LWB (Handwriting)
1 x 1H5 (Mathematics)

Stationery required: (the stationery required will be distributed when needed)
2 x bic blue biros
2 x HB Pencils
1 X 12 set of Twistable crayons
2 x 35gm gluestick (large)
2 x whiteboard markers (Blue or Black only)

Further Requirements;
1 Reading Folder (large 30cm x 35cm) – Named (carried through from previous year)

This is the Stationery List for your child.
If you purchase your child’s stationery from OfficeMax on line at: you will be able to purchase at their very low Back to School Discount prices which are available now until 29th February.
We support this scheme because it enables parents to purchase their children’s stationery at lower prices and OfficeMax will make a donation to St Joseph’s.

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