Sunday, 26 February 2017

Discovery Time Week 4

 In Discovery we have been working on developing good relationships. That involves working on developing our social skills and how we relate to each other so we can be just like Jesus! We are learning to share, help each other, use kind words and actions.

Here we are making popcorn that we then gave to someone else in the class to make them feel good.

Making Superworms.
These were awesome to make and then play with together.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Discovery Time weeks 1-3.

Discovery time:

What is Discovery time?

An exciting, activity-based programme that provides a vehicle for teachers and students to explore curriculum learning and key competency development, in a fun, challenging, student-directed, authentic context.

This term we are focusing on developing our fine and gross motor skills while exploring a range of different topics and experiences linked to our in class learning. For our inquiry for the last 3 weeks we have been looking at developing our 4R's, in particular good relationships. We have been working on this in Discovery too. We have made friendship bracelets, played co-operative games, parachute games, made pictures for each other, created awesome art and worked together to have an awesome time at Discovery. Here are some snaps of the different activities over the last couple of weeks.

Buddy Reading with Year 3

Buddy Reading this week was awesome. Thanks Year 3 for having us in your class and listening to us read and letting us listen to you. We will be back!
Buddy reading is a great way to increase our fluency and confidence.

Animal Creations

This week for writing we have been learning about describing words and how to use these in our writing.

This week we created animals. We then used our pictures to write a descriptive piece of writing about them.

Stories to follow soon!

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